Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Ok I'm here now :)

Yeah, we basically had no P-day yesterday haha so I'm exhausted (but what else is new) but I very least I get to write you guys :). It's basically been like that all week.

First we had transfers on Wednesday (nobody is training here, but usually you just leave it to the trainer to train them except for exchanges) which was crazy, but less crazy than I expected. Imagine trying to get between 50-80 missionaries all in one station with all their luggage and bikes and then getting them all on the right trains at the right times and on time, it's fun. This time around we only lost one companionship :) they showed up eventually but we literally had no idea where they were for a time and neither of them had the phone. Super funny :).

Oh yeah, and with transfers Elder Lundberg is now in the zone so that will be really cool to work with one of my "sons" again. He'll do great  and will be really good for the Den Helder Elders so everything will go good.

Then with transfers behind us we started into crazy week where we plan the zone vision, the district leader council and visit the entire zone. That went really well :) This transfer we're going to be doing "Teach as Christ Taught" and we will be focusing on improving our teaching skills so that no one will be able to disbelieve the things we say (3 Nephi 7: 17-18). They can deny it and reject it sure, but we want to make sure that they at least know it's true before they turn it down.

We're hoping this one goes as good as last transfers. To finish up the whole idea of "Do What You Do With Jesus Christ" we made them all buttons. They are SO COOL! We had them all come up with a title and we put their title on the button so they could always remember who they are, why they are here and that the Lord truly needs them here. Don't know how we'll trump that...but we'll play it by ear :).

Oh yeah! On Thursday we had an awesome lesson with an investigator. Usually we just read out of the Book of Revelations with him (horrible idea, trust me. But hey I didn't start it) but this time we came by and he had his triple combination open! So obviously we jumped on that and the conversation lead us to D&C. We shared a few of our favorite passages from there (mainly in Section 8) and the Spirit was able to come in very strongly. At the end he asked us a question that every missionary longs to hear: "Could you give me a chapter in the Book of Mormon that talks about how I can become a better person and also what God expects of me." ...... YES!

We were so in awe of that question it humbled us SO much. We gave him 3 Nephi 27 and Mosiah 18 and then had to leave. We went up to the top of the "death garage" where our car was parked and just offered a prayer of gratitude that we were able to be part of such a miraculous moment. To top it all off we were looking out over the night time city lights of Alkmaar while listening to "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". It was a really special moment I hope I don't easily forget. This Thursday we're planning on challenging him to baptism. :)

Elder Bishop and Cooper
Speaking of conversion thanks for keeping the others in your prayers, I really appreciate it. We haven't seen them for two weeks, so I have no idea how things are going, but I know she's in good hands. Her parents are seriously amazing and it's all in the Lord's hands anyway. Pretty sure he'll handle it perfectly... ;). I love how much comfort that knowledge brings! If you trust in the Lord and know that He is there and has everything under control nothing is hard and everything can be endured because truly, it's all part of the plan. LOVE that!

Kinda like you said in this last letter mom, never under-appreciate what we have. It's SO true! We have all been given SO much! The priesthood is again on the earth! We have the chance to partake of the Sacrament EVERY WEEK! Heavenly Father's Plan is perfect and everything happens as it needs to! We can be with our families FOREVER! What else is there? Course all those things can only come if we first gain a testimony and then become converted to the gospel. For once we are truly converted we don't just hope for these things, but we know they are real and can find strength in them.

So this week let's all try and find something we take for granted and pray to have a greater appreciation for it :). That will definitely make life a little brighter yeah? :)

I love you all a TON! Thank you so much for your love, support and for raising me right. Out here it just seems I get to see all the time how difficult parenting is and I'm extremely grateful you brought me up the way you did. Thank you :).
Hope you have a less busy but still awesome week!

Elder Cooper

Culture Note: There are basically NO stop signs here. I have literally seen two this entire time. Sure they have street lights but for the actual signs there are none. Everything is yield signs or nothing. And did I mention the streets are tiny? I have a feeling I'm going to be a really good driver when I get back because seriously, if you can figure out how to drive here, you'll be just fine in Utah :). Plus the drivers here are A LOT nicer and actually let people in. They don't speed up when you put your blinker on, ride people's tails so others can't get in, etc. It's fantastic :)


  1. Love this letter! Such a great missionary :)

    1. Helps to have a wonderful companion! Thank you Jana. :)