Monday, November 24, 2014


 Well, I've been humbled again :) See I had a little bit of  "carbon-monoxide pride" this week. 

I don't know if you all remember that analogy I drew a little
while ago, but man I got hit with it hard. I've been SO prideful this transfer! Not that I've thought I'm better than other people, but I've been prideful in my insecurities. This desire to do good, be good, sometimes gets the best of me. One of the good parts of noticing and appreciating the good in others, is,... I notice and appreciate the good in others. :)  That is great until I let my pride settle in and then I decide to be extra hard on myself. 

I just wasn't feeling good about myself at all cause of that, which is dumb quite honestly, I was comparing myself after all, but hey, it's how I felt. What I finally had to do was humble myself. Thankfully the Lord helped me to do this. He showed me that I needed humbling, I know you all think I'm just hard on myself, but truly it is pride. Why did I feel bad because of certain things? Because I wasn't them. I didn't feel good enough, and I wanted to be better.

Those are such tricky lies. They come off as emotions that push you to want to be better but truly that is Satan. The ONLY person we should ever be allowed to compare ourselves to is ourselves. We have no right to compare ourselves to others, we've had completely different lives! The Lord needs different things from us. Of course I can't fight like Batman, I didn't devote 7 full years of my life to learning how to fight crime! (Just go with it :) Unfortunately though, it's the easiest thing to do and I had to really work hard this week to keep it all in check.

I even brought it up with Elder Hunter yesterday, which l am SO glad I did. We had a really good talk and we'll be setting some goals on how we can start working for Heavenly Father instead of working just for me, or for him. We want to become "us" and not "I" if that makes sense. Gosh I'm grateful for this companionship :). He's SO willing to work on these things and make changes and adjustments where necessary, and so am I. 

Yes I'll be singing on Wednesday at the Zone Conference with Elder Hunter and Elder Silva (Elder Bishop's companion) and it's going to be AMAZING! Elder Hunter is really working us hard to make sure it is good so I'm looking forward to it.

Now before you think it was only a difficult week, think again! So much good happened this week, we actually had an AMAZING week, I just struggled internally for a snap. For example, we hosted a fireside this week. The ward took care of the food and we took care of the fireside. We used a talk from Elder Whetton in April 2005 and took sections of it out. In between these sections we showed Mormon Messages, sang, and had people bear testimony, kind of like a Primary Program. It was super powerful and we all felt the spirit really strong. It was also cool because there were several non-members there who also really enjoyed it.

And then there was the Turkey Bowl which was SO fun! I love
Elder Cooper and President Robinson
that I've learned to love sports out here on the mission. When you're not competing with professionals it's a blast! I can't wait to keep up that habit back home! President Robinson even came and played with us :D that man plays hard! He seriously is the best. I'm gonna miss seeing him around pretty soon. 

So many other miracles happened this week, but I don't have enough time or ability in e-mailing to give you enough background to have you truly appreciate how awesome these miracles were. So I'll just have to tell you all in person one day or let you read this week in my journal.

Love you all! Thank you for your support and your never ending love! I owe you everything for that! Hope everything continues to go well! Till next week!

Love, Elder Cooper

Culture Note:
On November 11th is a holiday known as Sint-Maartens. I don't know where it comes from or what the meaning is behind it but it's the closest thing they have to a Halloween. No one dresses up but kids go from door to door with these paper lanterns and they have to sing a song at the door. If they do that they get candy and they put it in their bag. I'll have to do some more research on that, but that's about all I know about it.

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