Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Wahoo miracle week! Well specifically one miracle, but we do see a ton of miracles every week... Anyway, the miracle we....wait scratch that! Literally as I was writing we saw another miracle :) I love missions haha! Here I am sitting and typing when the Hoorn Elders come up to us. They had gone to buy new pants for Elder S and apparently in the store they met a man who wanted to learn and talk more about "the Mormon Book"! Woot woot! We'll be calling him up tomorrow for sure!

But back to the other miracle, every single companionship in this zone has at least one baptismal date! What?! I've never seen this before on my mission and we feel SO blessed! Coolest part was it basically all happened this last week. Elder P pumped up his district about getting their progressing investigators on date and bam! They owned it :). Happy Birthday to me haha.

Another true miracle is that Elder Cooper has learned to
parallel park. 
I can't believe I'm 21 tomorrow, it's just about slipped by me. I know everyone always says this but time is flying! I can't believe it's almost April already. Hey! I get to go to the temple soon! Wahoo! Haven't been in a whole year! I can't wait :).

Well this week ended up being really good and we actually feel kind of rested after it...kind of. We only had one exchange this week, but it was with a companionship that REALLY need us. Coolest thing that I learned was that the Lord truly can bless you with love. I went into the exchange a little apprehensive, but I prayed that I would be able to love him and help him however he needed. Guess what? My prayer was answered (didn't see that coming huh?).

As I went into the exchange I felt so much love and I just thought he was the coolest guy ever and that he could do anything. We had really good talks, found a lot of common ground and saw a lot of miracles. It meant the world to him I could tell. I think it was just nice for him to have a day he could be treated as an equal, listened to and appreciated. At least that's what I aimed to show or have him feel and Heavenly Father filled in the rest :). Just like He can do with all our problems or struggles- take the first few steps of faith and watch Heavenly Father work His miracles. Nothing is impossible with Him whether it is changing desires, splitting a Red Sea or opening hearts He can do it.

You remember L from last week? Well we had an awesome dinner appointment with them on Thursday which led us to inviting them to come play volleyball with us on Saturday. SO fun! I just love that sport with all my heart. Nearly her whole family came actually and it was the best! We were able to make an even stronger bond with them and invite her to YSA FHE tonight. Yup :) in thirty minutes we'll be heading down to Amsterdam for that. Best part is she'll be coming with her recently baptized cousin, who also needs help staying in the church! They'll just convert each other :).

Still haven't seen K but we have a super strong bond with her little brother R. Man do I love that child! We basically play his siblings in the church and it's the best. I'm glad he looks up to us cause he kind of just feels like a little brother.

That family is just SO amazing I can't even explain it. Who would have thought that Dallin's dad lived in the same apartment on his mission as the dad :). Carmen and Herman De Bruijn. I don't know if they're on Facebook, but if they are I must be friends with them and the whole family! Family Munster too! Love them!

Wanna hear some more miracles? For one- when I was on exchanges we went to go look up an inactive because he wasn't at church on Sunday. I chose him and he asked if the Spirit wanted us to go there. So we sat, listened and felt for a bit. It was a most definite yes even though it was possibly going to make us late the rest of the evening.

We get over there and not only is he home, but he has a friend over, a friend who may be slightly interested in the gospel! We gave her a brief overview of the Restoration with her and offered her a Book of Mormon when we could get one in her native tongue. She said she'd think about it and the inactive just kept testifying how she had to come to church and how it was the true one of Christ and everything. Inactives I'm telling you. If they would just go to church they'd be golden! Ah they're pretty golden anyway. J

Like this other inactive we visited, C. He hasn't been to church in a long while but he was amazing when he was in the church. He befriended SO many of the youth and still has contact with most of them. One of those youth happened to be our old mission leader who decided to go inactive a few weeks ago. C was distraught with this because even though he doesn't go he knows for a surety that this church is true. So he asked for his number so that he could begin talking with him and rekindling their friendship. We're praying that they kind of bring each other back to church :).

And another miracle: we got a referral! In Alkmaar! This one came from Mormon.org and we were SO pumped! We went to go look her up but the address was wrong :/ so we're planning to knock out the whole street to find her. We'll also be praying that we'll be able to find her, there's more than 40 houses on that street...better than a hundred though! :)

Elder Bishop and Elder Cooper (their model faces???)  haha.
The Lord's hand truly is working out here and I see it more and more every day. We are being blessed and He is looking after each and every one of us. Thank you for your love and support. I really couldn't do this without you :) thanks for raising me, for loving me, for being my family for now and for all eternity.


Elder Cooper de Vleermuis Man

Cultural Note:
They just had elections here in the Netherlands and it's basically the same, except different. They were the local ones but it all happened Wednesday, for all of the Netherlands. Maybe that's the same as Utah? If so this is REALLY embarrassing for me cause this was a horrible "culture" note...
Just to double check, it's like their vacations, they do it all at once. They section off Nederland into a few different sections and everyone within section one goes on summer vacation during Weeks 1-3 and section two during Weeks 4-6 etc. Interesting huh? Apparently if they didn't do it this way all of Nederland would just stop because during vacation time this place just empties! They go to France or Spain or Germany, they just really like their vacations and there are not too many vacation spots here :) plus these places are only 2-5 hours away so it's SUPER easy. They have it good up here.

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